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Text Box: Intentions:
That the Church’s financial, physical, and spiritual wealth be always and entirely
     at the service of the Gospel and the Kingdom/Reign of God, we pray:

That the world’s compassion not run dry
as it confronts both more numerous and larger disasters, and chronic injustices, we pray:

That all Americans be emptied of the bitterness of our long campaign season
and offer their best selves to the building of unity and justice for the common good, we pray:

That our nation honor the veterans who risked all that they had for our sake
by keeping our promises to care for them in their need, [including health care and employment,] we pray:

That those fleeing danger of any kind
be met by open and courageous hospitality, we pray:


From FCA’s Prayer of the Faithful (General Intercessions)

for November 11, 2012


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